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We have embarked on IT centric ventures to improve the quality and access of services. We promise services in a simpler, well-organized and accountable manner. This is where we comes into picture, and this is very much where, we becomes indispensable to your hands.

As a software development company, we promise you the right expertise and an unrelenting commitment to service.Understanding your goals is the first step in achieving them. Understanding your business, your culture, and your needs is our business.

Business Solutions

Being Innovative in each and every single piece of development, being filled with talented industry and domain experts, NEXT helps you to bring up software solutions with world class quality and with end to end solution and filling with creativity, you will have a totally new experience with NEXT. Domain experts in Manufacturing, Job Contracting , Project Costing, Automobile, Car Rental, Supply Chain, Logistics, Finance, HRMS, ... you have the dream solution with you.

One is probably pretty keen to know a bit about what we can do for you, right? As a company with so much experience and firm determination, we’ll turn our hand to anything and has more choices for your business needs. Have a look at it. We kept keep it snappy.

At Next, we feel passionate about taking brands to the next level and unlocking their potential through our innovative and value added solutions, backed by industry experience and know-how. We provide HR systems, Database Management Software, Desk applications, Data Entry Software, B2C solutions, Supply chain and Logistics support systems.

Web Solutions

The process of exchanging products and services with consumers and companies is changing rapidly as customers adopting new ways to do business with you. E-Commerce plays a major role in forthcoming eras for doing online business. To be successful companies needs to transform commerce through a unified approach in selling and fulfillment process. Being a partner with NEXT, you will differentiate your business by creating a cross channel experience, being loyal and making easy to do business and changing the buying experience and improving customer experience with world class service and quality.

Creating digital experiences users want to interact with is at the core of everything we do. We design, build and optimize your online presence to make it engaging, creative and functional, intelligently designed and relevant, interesting and updated. We build usable websites, B2B and B2C portals, E-commerce portals and software packages for organisations for you!

Data Warehousing And BI

Next Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence provides high-value, industry-specific Business Intelligence solutions with cost effective delivery model for the clients. Next DWBI services are offered on a project or strategic-staffing basis, across all technology platforms, operating systems and infrastructures.

The services include: BI Strategic services | BI Application services | Data Management | Social Media Intelligence | Cloud Business Intelligence | Dashboard development

Mobile Application

We’ve built dozens of web and mobile application front-ends and back-ends and support and maintenance services to companies worldwide. We’re capable of developing any technology on any platform that scale and that users love.

Solutions we offer: Mobile Application Development | Customized Mobile Applications | iPhone Applications | iPhone Game Development | Android Application Development | Android Game Development | Windows Mobile application | J2ME / Java Mobile Application | Wireless Applications | iPad Application Development | Blackberry Application Development | VOIP Solutions

Software Development

When it comes to designing digital products and services, we always put the user first. This means making sure the experience you put forth is always a delight regardless of the environment or platform. We carry this methodology into technology and apply it in our approach to developing software.

With HRMS, WPS, FTS and Fleet management systems we ensure that the organisation is well connected customers.

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